ILS 2023 Complete Collection - All Sessions

ILS 2023 Complete Collection - All Sessions

With a wealth of experience across many platforms – from ministry to philanthropy, business enterprises to bestselling books – T.D. Jakes knows how to navigate the pressures and expectations of life and leadership, in business and ministry.

This year’s International Leadership Summit, a standard-bearer for ecclesial learning and professional development, provides a vast pool of resources from many great speakers who are ready to share with the next generation of future-builders.

For the individual that wants to take a more in depth look at what it means to be a "Valiant Leader in Volatile Times", the Complete Conference is your resource library of disruptive, thought provoking, content. This set includes:

-Five Main Sessions
-Thirteen Breakout Sessions
-Two Master Classes

From the comfort of your home, enjoy inciteful messages that will challenge you to valiantly lead by example.

ILS 2023 Complete Collection - All Sessions
  • ILS 2023 - Master Class - The Garden Within

    The virtues of leading like a shepherd are well known, but there is a model of leadership that is even more ancient: the gardener. Embracing the powerful wisdom entrenched in seeds, soil, plants, and fruit is guaranteed to transform your leadership and your life.

  • ILS 2023 - Breakout Session - Exposition on Matthew 24

    “Kingdom Dispensation: An Exposition of Matthew 24:14”
    The 21st century brought about a post-COVID reality that challenged contemporary church leadership. Is this an eschatological sign? If so, how does it relate to Jesus’ message and the Olivet Discourse where He said, “This Gospel of the Kingd...

  • ILS 2023 - Breakout Session - Keys to Intentional Leadership

    Leadership is never easy, and these volatile times call for an even greater level of intentionality.

    In this important session, renowned global leaders will speak to their reliance on the fundamental values – courage, empathy, integrity, and transparency – that help build strong, resilient, impa...

  • ILS 2023 - Breakout Session - Investing in Your Family's Future

    Estate planning isn’t as common as it could or should be – especially among people of color. A critical way to close the racial wealth gap is to ensure access to wealth-building tools and financial expertise. Simply having a good income does not equate to wealth – and a good plan can help familie...

  • ILS 2023 - Breakout Session - Building Your Conference From The Ground Up

    The desire to fellowship within corporate gatherings is at an all-time high, and it’s imperative that you are equipped with the tools to accommodate an expecting public. Every opportunity to create an “experience” ensures that your audience will follow you and presents the potential to garner lon...

  • ILS 2023 - Breakout Session - Understanding The New Creative Map

    This session will focus on the strategies and information that will enable music and creative leaders to turn volatile times into victorious moments. Through an engaging and interactive panel, attendees will learn the best ways to:
    • Create an environment that produces sustained creativity.
    • Ma...

  • ILS 2023 - Breakout Session - Reimagining Urban Communities

    One of the most significant components of being a valiant leader is bridging the ever-widening gap in our underserved communities.
    Join the T.D. Jakes Real Estate Ventures team as they delve into a 21st-century approach to rebuilding, reestablishing, and reinvesting in our communities. This inspi...

  • ILS 2023 - Breakout Session - Brand Building - The Playbook for Disruption

    Your brand is one of the most important components of your business, ministry, or organization. It flows into rooms before you enter and speaks before you utter a word—what is your brand saying about you?

    Join T.D. Jakes Enterprises and its Good Soil Movement for this powerfully engaging session...

  • ILS 2023 - Breakout Session - PRESS-ing Matters

    In today’s fast-paced and ever-changing cultural climate, public relations is more valuable than ever before to not only promote your organization but protect it.
    Join leading public relations and communications experts as they dive into the impact of brand trust, how organizations and leaders w...

  • ILS 2023 - Breakout Session - Marriage Mental Health and The Marketplace

    Leaders often find themselves pouring so much of their time and energy into their businesses that the other areas of their lives — marriage, family, and mental health— struggle to thrive.

    Can one truly have it all? Is it possible to pour into every area of life without completely running dry? Jo...

  • ILS 2023 - Breakout Session - Boomers and GenXers

    Most companies and institutions are facing real challenges due to the dynamics of having four, sometimes five, generations in their workforce. Creating high-performing intergenerational teams requires leaders to understand the unique set of traits, values, and expectations – as well as life exper...

  • ILS '23 - Breakout Session - Hidden Secrets Every Executive Should Know

    Join Beverly Robinson, senior executive assistant to T. D. Jakes, and special guests Peggy Vasquez, international speaker and career coach, and April Stallworth, speaker, and LinkedIn learning instructor, as they discuss the ten essential tips to building a successful partnership between the exec...

  • ILS 2023 - Final Session - Winning At Home - 230506

    Join T. D. Jakes and Serita Jakes as they provide a candid look at the challenges and blessings that are encountered by leaders in ministry and business. In this session, they discuss survival tactics necessary to allow your marriage and children to win.

  • ILS 2023 - Conference Highlights

  • ILS 2023 - Opening Session - World Full of Walls

    A riveting opening session by the Chairman, T.D. Jakes on overcoming barriers to success.

  • ILS 2023 - Master Class - Rethinking Technology - 230504

    Janice Bryant Howroyd
    Founder and CEO, ActOne Group
    Janice Bryant Howroyd is an entrepreneur, bestselling author, mentor, presidential special appointee, and founder and CEO of the ActOne Group. The leader of a multibillion-dollar, award-winning, international workforce management and technology ...

  • ILS 2023 - Evening Session - Releasing The Creator Life In You

    Paul Adefarasin is a minister, thought leader, author, coach, philanthropist, motivator, speaker, and host of “Something Is About To Happen,” which has broadcast across Africa and Europe for more than 20 years. He is also the convener of “The Experience,” the largest musical event in Africa; and ...

  • ILS 2023 - Morning Session - Seminary from a Cemetary

    Dr. E. Dewey Smith is the senior pastor at The House of Hope Atlanta, The House of Hope Macon, and The House of Hope WestPointe – one church in three locations, with a membership of more than 10,000. Smith has a passion to redress those things that plague the people he serves and is heavily invol...

  • ILS 2023 - Breakout Session - Leadership For Creatives

    Judith McAllister
    Musician and Scholar

    Teacher and trainer Judith McAllister is known as a forerunner of the praise and worship movement in the African-American church. She served for 12 years as president of the International Music Department of the Church of God in Christ, Inc. – one of the la...

  • ILS 2023 - Breakout Session - High Octane Women

    Nona Jones is a rare combination of preacher, business executive, author, and entrepreneur. She serves as the chief content and partnerships officer at YouVersion, and previously served as the head of global faith partnerships at Meta, formerly known as Facebook. She is the bestselling
    author of ...

  • ILS 2023 - Evening Session - Jericho Had No Preacher

    Tudor Bismark is the founder and overseer of Jabula New Life Ministries International, which serves worldwide with its mission, “Transforming People ... Transforming Nations.”
    Additionally, he and his wife, Pastor ChiChi Bismark, serve as senior pastors of New Life Covenant Church in Harare, Zimb...

  • ILS 2023 - Breakout Session - Protecting What Matters

    Tamika Bass is an information security professional with more than 16 years of experience in information security governance and risk management. She is passionate about improving communication and creating better understanding of information security in the industry. She also is an active speake...