Wade In The Water | from the Gospel Hidden in the Tent Series | Audio

Exodus 28:8 - God will always show what you already have. He illuminates what you have been looking over. Whenever God gets ahold of something, He brings structure and order to it. God freed you to worship Him. God has a specific way He wants to be worshipped. Whenever God brings up a kingdom, He brings discipline. When you go from one dimension to the next, there will always be a watering process. Water always proceeds the new dimension. I'm not just free, I'm free indeed. You have to give God how you see yourself. You'll never be the person you're supposed to be until you give God your image. God never goes backwards, He only goes bigger. Distorted self-images have you living in your past instead of planning for your future. Change is uncomfortable. Sometimes healing hurts. Sometimes recovery hurts. It's not about how other people see you, it's about how You see You. The Word bathes you, it cleanses your inner man. Let's go to the laver. You've got to make your own laver. The water is a sign that you are about to break into a new dimension. Baptism isn't optional if you're going to change your dimension. Bishop T.D. Jakes July 22, 2018

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