Unfinished Business | Sarah Jakes Roberts | Audio

In life, it behooves us to be hungry enough to wait for what God has promised. We must also be cognizant that we cannot receive the promise without the indwelling power of the Holy Ghost. If we allow the Holy Ghost to fill the vacancies in our lives, God will ensure that we’re in the proper position for His promise. To this end, if we don’t function in the right place, whole tribes of people will go through life unrestored. God desires for His people to live in position and finish what Jesus started! When we’re in a position to receive the power of the Holy Ghost, promotion is inevitable. However, this elevation will not present itself as what we prayed for; it will be what we waited for! The promotion invites persecution. Nevertheless, God has equipped us to reign victorious. Jesus was given to the disciples as a marker of what we should become. May this unfinished business drive us to hunger again for God!

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