The Principles of Service 2018-03-04

1 Samuel 3:-13 (KJV) - It is not by sight; it is by faith that we have a real experience with God! It's very important to understand that having an experience with Church does not mean you're experiencing God! Today, we don't know how to serve; it doesn't seem glamorous to serve. Everyone wants to be a BOSS. Anybody in leadership must still practice servitude. And, anybody who leads and doesn't serve won't last long! There's something that happens in service. We no longer teach people how to serve. There's no place for servants who think they are KINGS! When you serve, you see more. If we're waiting on the Lord, it doesn't mean that we wait and do nothing. Those that wait on the Lord while serving will renew their strength. God must not be explained - He Must Be Revealed! He chooses who He reveals himself to... It's not based on talent, money, or prestige. When you're programmed for your own agenda, you miss the touch from God. It's God that's calling you but you keep running to "flesh." Your "flesh" will keep you away from God. You're seeking something that only God can fulfill! Why do we run to "flesh"? God will fix your situation just for your service! Every major revolution has happened at the hands of young, radical people. Samuel could hear something calling him. But, only Eli could understand it. Young people, you will need the older generation for your DESTINY! God wants your attention. He made you for his service, not your ambition.

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