The Principles of Provocation Single Video

Romans 11:5-12 - Provocation comes through exposure. If we are exposed to better, we can do better. Provocation comes to make you better. There are 3 Principles the Lord will do to provoke you: 1. Inform - You can't be provoked by ignorance. 2. Inspire - You'll never make full transformation off of inspiration alone. 3. Impart - The anointing you respect is the anointing you receive! Provocation is irritation and it makes you restless to the point you begin to seek something beyond where you are! There is MORE inside of you! Until you give yourself away, God will never increase you! God is going to bless you in such a way that people will regret ever rejecting you! Remember, you were given this blessing as a sign to someone else. If you hide what you have that's a curse in itself! Keywords: Today's Offer; Audio Messages; Video Messages; Christanity; Faith; Relationships; Spiritual Growth; Christian Living; Leadership; Entrepreneurship; Financial Freedom; Destiny and Purpose

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