Principles Of A New Beginning 2018-03-18

1 Samuel 7:3-10 - God brings the best out of a mess. Anytime God is about to straighten things out in your life, youÕve got to get ready for ÒThe Great Break Down.Ó The Lord is trying to break a culture. Cultures donÕt break easily. They become embedded in the fabric of life. ItÕs not enough to bring something good into something bad without first removing what is bad. Battles will break down culture. Battles will make you change. God knows how to make you say, ÒYes.Ó The enemy might be afraid when you shout, but that doesnÕt mean he wonÕt attack you. God is going to bring new life out of a dead place. If you go back to serving Him the way you used to, He can bring you out of anything. The Great Beat Down is a humbling experience. ItÕll make you pour out like water. When the right thing dies, youÕll stop trying to be the teacher. YouÕll become the student. The Great Break Down always comes before The Great Turn Around. You canÕt have all faith and no works. That is what has weakened us: faith with no action. However, works without prayer wonÕt get you there either. Whatever the enemy stole from you, GodÕs about to turn it around. YouÕve been asking God to go to battle with you, but HeÕs going BEFORE you. The battle is not yours. ItÕs the LordÕs. Whatever has been beating you, when you humble yourself, youÕll start to beat it in The Great Showdown. God wants you to have a New Beginning.

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