The Golden Lampstand VIDEO from the Gospel Hidden In The Tent Series

Exodus 25:31-40 - The tabernacle is the fulfillment of the purpose of God. We cannot break bread with a God we are not in covenant with. Through the tabernacle, God made way for the wretched to be righteous. Salvation was God’s problem, not ours. The battle is between enlightenment and darkness, revelation and blindness. Whenever there is light, darkness HAS to go. If faith takes you to heaven, unbelief takes you to hell. Light is knowledge. As long as you are in your feelings, you are in your flesh. Have you ever walked in unexplainable grace? It is the face of God. You can have oil and light, anointing and knowledge. Light is a derivative of oil. Your opportunities are born out of your agony. Consistency is important. You can’t have light without consistency. Bishop T. D. Jakes 8/12/2018

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