The Deceptive Nature of Grace | Bishop T.D. Jakes | Audio

Chronicles 21:18-30 - Grace is the conduit by which we receive salvation. You're not saved because you live right. You live right because you're saved. Satan envies Grace. Angels are exempt from it, and humanity isnÕt just handed it. Only believers can access Grace. You don't just get Grace if you're born. You must accept salvation. Just because you got grace for nothing doesn't mean it didn't cost the One who paid for it. But grace is so gracious that it'll make its recipient believe that there is nothing required. Anytime you receive generosity, it is deceptive because you can walk into something so easily that you can think it costs you nothing. The deceptive nature of grace calls you something then makes you become what He called you. By grace, the position is bestowed upon you but it'll take the rest of your life to become what has been bestowed upon you. What brought you to this point canÕt take you to the next point. You've got to go to the threshing floor. The threshing floor is the place where you separate what is and isn't profitable. Everyone goes through the threshing floor. I know it looks like He's trying to kill you. But He's trying to separate what's real and what is phony in your life. I will not offer to God something that cost me nothing. Just because I was given it be grace doesn't mean I can keep it by grace.

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