Pillows and Billows | Bishop T.D. Jakes | Video

Sunday Service June 3, 2019 Sermon Title: Pillows and Billows

The way in which we think about a situation is crucial, as it’s with our thought life that we serve the Lord. Circumstances present themselves in our lives as proverbial billows. Billows are complicated plights that distract us and test our faith. The closer we get to our destiny – all hell breaks loose! As God’s sheep, we must be cognizant of our behavior, for we’re not meant to carry the load. Rather than saying things we shouldn’t or acting out of character, we should think on all that is good, guarding our hearts and minds.

When we see Jesus on the sea with the disciples, the wind and the waves were raging. Often, we go to God, asking Him to change the waves, but He wants to deal with the wind in our lives. The waves are the cause of a thing while the winds are the WHY of our lives. Why do we entertain unhealthy habits, from self-sabotage to an inability to work with others? We have to rebuke the wind because the devil isn’t fighting who we are – he’s fighting where we’re going!

There is no time for fear at this juncture in our lives. Let us remember with every promise there comes a storm; however, because the promise was given, it will not return to God void. It will come to pass.

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