Not One of Them Will Be Able to Withstand | Bishop T.D. Jakes | Audio

The toughness in your life is a sign that you are closer to the promise God has given you than you have ever been. That is why the enemy is choosing to try to tear you down. But God has built you to be tough. You have the capability to endure the attacks and persecution the enemy throws, but it is up to you to decide if you will. If you can deal with the persecution, God will open up the doors of heaven and pour you out a blessing you don't have room to receive. God will get the glory out of this. He won't allow you leave this earth until you see it. You may think it's too late, but your time is not up. God is the author of time and will stop it so you can be effective. Scripture reference: Joshua 10: 1-2,5-12,22-27 (NIV)

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