Nely Galan Becoming Empowered, Self-Reliant and Rich in Every Way (Finding Confidence In You) - Video

Becoming Empowered ,Self-Reliant and Rich in Every Way is a mindset that comes from valuing total economic independence, and personal responsibility, all crucial to our self-esteem and personal power. Whether you run your own business and are an entrepreneur or work for others and think like an intra-preneur, I want to teach you how to cultivate a self-reliant mindset and learn about all the opportunities that exist today, to become and invest like a self-made woman. That doesnÕt mean we came to be here on our own or that we are alone. It is a spiritual journey and a spiritual lifetime practice to work on ourselves and our self-reliance so we can also be helped from above and welcome miracles in our lives. For those of you from traditional cultures, immigrants, and/or are old school like me, I want you to know you can achieve this and keep your values, culture, and/or religion intact. My goal is to help you become ÒrichÓ in every way with a clear intention for your MISSION and your MONEY.

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