IPL 2019 Pastor Miles McPhearson | Staff Diversity | Audio

Inclusion and diversity in the culture has become a popular global topic that is here to stay. The culmination of recent inclusivity legislation, cultural trends and news events has forced the conversation into our offices, relationships, churches and homes. It’s not enough to just invite those within your spaces… join Pastor Miles McPherson at the 2019 International Pastors & Leadership Conference to learn practical steps on how to break down the racial divide and build bridges of honor with those who look different in your business, church and private lives.

In a world of #Metoo, #blacklivesmatter, and #alllivesmatter, it’s safe to say the lines of division are not only present, but they are blurred. How can those in leadership positions lead and unite their staff, congregations, etc. in a culture that thrives off of division? Join pastor, speaker, and author Miles McPherson as he discusses the practical steps leaders can take to help move the diversity needle and shift the minds of those around them away from an “Us vs. Them” mentality, and into a future of inclusion.

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