IPL 2019 Dr. Anita Philips | Mental Health | Audio

Being a leader in the digital age has become a spectator sport with many casualties. From procrastination to moral failures, leadership challenges often spring from heavy hearts and stressed minds. Your mental well-being should always be a top priority when the responsibility of others, in any capacity, is at hand. Recognizing the relationship between spiritual and emotional health, Dr. Anita Phillips’ biblical approach will provide you with essential practices that build and strengthen the mental fortitude necessary to take you from surviving to thriving!

For the longest time, mental health has carried a forbidden stigma in the church. As we step into an era of awareness and self-care, we’ve come to realize that mental health can no longer be ignored. Join Dr. Anita Philips, a licensed therapist, minister, and professor as she addresses the relationship between mental health and leadership. Leaders are known to be at a higher risk for mental health challenges than other people, so how can leaders in Pastoral, entrepreneurial, and business positions protect themselves from the inevitable triggers they may face? Check this video out to learn more!

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