IPL 2019 An Instrument of Praise Audio

Instrument of Praise – Donnie McClurkin, Fred Hammond, Oscar Williams, Marquis Boone

With the rise of interest in musical ministry, we aim to both ask and answer the following questions: 1.) What is God saying to musicians/singers now? 2.) How do you find and know your assignment?

There is a difference between those who have a gift and those who have an anointing. The latter must take hold of a mantle that sometimes feels far too difficult to grasp, but is proven easier when one understands what God says an instrument of praise truly is.

Minstrels of music have the massive responsibility of ushering in the Holy Spirit before the Word of God is delivered to His people. Join Gospel recording artists, Donnie McClurkin and Fred Hammond, industry executive Marquis Boone, and executive director of music and fine arts at The Potter’s House, Oscar Williams for this insightful panel-style breakout session, as they explain how worship leaders and aspiring Gospel artists/musicians can handle the challenges that may arise across all levels of musical ministry.

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