Intimacy Single Video

John 14:16 -20 - You cannot have relationship with the Universe. Don't confuse what God created with what He is. It's dangerous to make an idol out of a blessing. God doesn't mind you having things, but He minds things having you! He is a passionate God. Whatever He feels, He feels passionately. He gave his body to His bride. God longs, craves and seeks you. He gave you need, to give you everything you need. He is the lover of your soul. God saw your shame and He's got you covered. Don't let your fear cause you not to have intimacy with Him! Some of the stuff you are going to grab this year, you won't be able to lift, but call on The Comforter and He will give you strength. He will not leave you comfortless! You will be healed in your spirit before your body. Everything you get, you get in the Spirit first. If you meet God in the Spirit, everything that had you bound will break. What they say is wrong is not wrong. If you break it in the Spirit, you will break it in the flesh! For what you have to fight, you need the Holy Ghost! Keywords: Today's Offer; Audio Messages; Video Messages; Christanity; Faith; Relationships;

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