Insurrection 2018-01-28

Numbers 12:1-11 -ÊInsurrection often starts with adoration. God puts in place boundaries, order and structure first. When He sets these things in this order leave them alone.ÊWe must unite to align with His order. You can't have things your way and have unity. We have to meet in the middle for the greater good.ÊWeÊare losing things because of what we are doing with our mouth.ÊWhat you lost is connected to what you said. Every gift you have in you, God will bring forth. If things that were meant to be yours are falling off, will you ever get them back? If you've ever lost anything that was rightfully yours, there will be a renewal and a restoration from the Lord!ÊWhile youÕre walking, God will restore what you lost in your life. In order to get restoration, you have to come together to remember Christ. If you remember Him, He will remember you.

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