Impact! Single Video

Mark 9:50 - If you don't learn to measure impact, it will begin to affect how you do everything! You cannot allow someone else's gift to seduce you into an area you are not equipped for! While you put energy in places that you are not good at, you are starving the areas you could be making an impact. What is your impact on the things around you? If you are going to be successful, you have to be able to speak in more than one language in order to get what you want! You have to be versatile. You need a new strategy! God gives POWER to people who are planning to make an impact! Stop shadow-boxing with old ghosts and insecurities! You have to spar with something in order to make an impact. Experience matters; It gets you ready to be victorious! Get ready to experience impact in areas that you previously had frustration! God is preparing to position you in a place where you can have the greatest impact! Decree and declare that 2018 is going to be your year for impact! Keywords: Today's Offer; Audio Messages; Video Messages; Christanity; Faith; Relationships; Spiritual Growth; Christian Living; Leadership; Entrepreneurship; Financial Freedom; Destiny and Purpose

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