I'm Open To Better | Bishop T.D. Jakes | Audio

Exodus 18:7,13-25 - Method is important to mission. Our mission could be thwarted by the wrong method. Moses, though a charismatic leader, didn't make the mistake of trying to accomplish the will of God with his own strength as independence is never the will of God. Instead, it's about interdependence. Moses chose 70 men to help him fulfill the plan of God. These men came with varying abilities, but they had Moses' heart. Relationships are our greatest resource. The people around us are there to lighten the load. God places people in our lives when we are overwhelmed. The vision of God for your life is too vast to accomplish alone.God's plan brings people together. He makes it so that every Paul has a Silas; every Naomi has a Ruth. If your dream can be fulfilled by yourself, you're dreaming too small. Bishop T.D. Jakes 9/16/18

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