Hide and Go Seek | Bishop T.D. Jakes | Video 6.14.19

What is it like to be exposed in front of someone who is a Father or a Father figure? It’s embarrassing. That’s how Adam felt when he realized he was naked. God set boundaries for Adam to follow because a man is known not by what he says but by what he does. Discipline for a man is a sign of love. There are 8 characteristics that children exhibit as a result of discipline; among those are self- control, empathy, responsibility and self-confidence.

We hide ourselves because of the fear that our authenticity will repel others from loving us. Often, we hide the most productive parts of ourselves; parts of ourselves that could save our entire families. But thanks be unto God that when we start hiding, God starts seeking and it is His desire to find us and make us whole! Order this inspiring message to allow God's love to find you!

Father's Day Message June 14, 2019

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