Faith On Trial | Video | Bishop T.D. Jakes

Scripture Reference: Luke 10:25-29 (KJV) Consider the tribulations that you endure a purposeful attack on your faith. To this end, it behooves you to listen attentively to God. When the vicissitudes of life drown out God’s audible voice, He’ll speak through our lives via the most unlikely people. Subsequently, if we choose to construct a fence around our heart - we may miss it! God commanded two essential laws:

  1. Love the Lord with all your heart
  2. Love your neighbor as yourself.

Unfortunately, trivial barriers that we forge hinder us from loving outliers, which restricts our blessings. So, what fences have you placed around your love? Order today to learn how Jesus came to dismantle the barriers so that you can receive all of God’s blessings!

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