Decisions and Consequences | Bishop T.D. Jakes | Audio

Luke 15:11-15 - We don't celebrate enough when we get things back in place. You have to keep people around you who celebrate when you get back that which was lost. The lost sheep had no responsibility to get home. Sometimes things just happen to you. The lost coin didn't lose itself. Some of us are in the mess we're in because someone dropped us. You have to take into consideration not just what someone does but why. Just because someone dropped you doesn't mean that God won't send someone to come and pick you up. Help is on the way! But sometimes the greatest illusion possible is to blame a devil for what you did to yourself. If you find out what's driving your decision you can determine your destination. Anytime you get something to soon, you waste it. You cannot overcome bad decisions until you admit to them. You cannot control another person's decisions. You have to let them go. When you are a son, you can always come home. You can either blame people for the rest of your life or recognize that if bad decisions got you in, good decisions can get you out.

Bishop T.D. Jakes 5/27/2018

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