Bridges to Destiny | Video | The Pacemaker Series

Scripture Reference: 13:20-23 & Ephesians 5:18-23 NIV
Do you feel out of sync with God? Are you in one place in life but feel that you should be at a different level? Being in the same rhythm as God is essential for Godly success. Conjoining your heart's rhythm with is key in bridging the gap between where you are and your God-given destiny. This synchronization is a growth process that includes moments when we cannot see the outcome but continue to walk in faith. By submitting to all of what God asks of us, we allow Him to recreate us during this journey into whom He intended us to become. This maturation will not only demonstrate our heart's posture for God but allow God to trust us and elevate us to the next dimension. The journey isn't easy, but God has placed everything we need inside of us to persevere. Purchase this message today and learn how to cross the bridge to your destiny by getting in sync with God's rhythm. Bishop T.D. Jakes 01/06/2019

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