Bread of Heaven: The Most Holy Place | from the Gospel Hidden In The Tent Series | Video

Today’s Message: “Bread of Heaven: The Most Holy Place!” Scripture Reference: Exodus 25:8 From creation to now, all God wanted was to be with you. It's not enough for God to dwell if you don't dwell. Make God your habitation, not your visitation. There are some things that God won't show you unless you dwell. If you honor God, He'll whisper in your ear. The closer you get to God, the smaller the crowd becomes. Praise is about doing. Worship is about being. When the priest walked amongst men, they represented God. When they walked amongst God, they represented men. God's got you covered. Being covered gives you power, protection, and provision. Christ took your execution so you can take His liberation. We're not here because we're perfect, but still God has brought us this far.

BreadOfHeaven #TheMostHolyPlace

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